Are H.V.M.N. products safe?

Updated by Chrissy Rojas

Our standard is robust scientific validation for effectiveness, legality, and safety. H.V.M.N. products are designed for long-term use providing ongoing value for the rest of your life.

All ingredients our products are designated by the United States FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe), GRAS Affirmed, and/or acceptable as a food or dietary supplement compound by the FDA. We manufacture our products only in FDA-Audited, NSF-Audited, SQF-certified facilities here in the USA.

100% of H.V.M.N. ingredients are allowed under the guidelines for all major athletic bodies, including the guidelines for WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Read more here.

Looking for CoAs? Find info here: Certificates of Analysis.

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