How do I use Ketone-IQ® on a ketogenic diet?

When you take Ketone-IQ®, you don’t need to change your diet in order to elevate your blood ketone levels. This is especially helpful for those on a ketogenic (keto) diet.

Using Ketone-IQ® can help you ramp up into a keto diet, quickly elevating blood ketones without long-term carb restrictions. This drink can also help prevent unpleasant symptoms of keto flu, a condition that can develop in the early days of the keto diet. For keto dieters, we recommend taking a daily dose of Ketone-IQ® in the morning to achieve these benefits.

If you are an athlete who follows a keto diet, you don’t need carbs to get energy from Ketone-IQ®! This supplement provides carb-free energy without an insulin spike. To learn more, visit How do I use Ketone-IQ® for Athletic Performance?

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