How do I use Ketone-IQ™ for Athletic Recovery?

Updated by Chrissy Rojas

Adding Ketone-IQ™ into your favorite recovery protocol can help you bounce back faster and perform your best on the next race day.


  1. Add Ketone-IQ™ on top of your favorite recovery nutrition protocol
  2. Use it in training and on race day.
  3. How much?
    1. Take ~1:1 grams of protein:ketone - i.e. 10g Protein + 10g ketones (1 shot of Ketone-IQ™)
    2. Take 1 additional shot before bed.


  1. Recover from your training sessions
    One study (1) found that athletes on an overtraining trial, taking a exogenous ketones for recovery and sleep (on top of their standard protein/carb/fat nutrition) over a 3-week period, saw:
    1. 15% increase in training volume
    2. 5% improvement in performance at the end of the 3-week trial
  2. Build back muscle
    Ketones can help with muscle protein resynthesis - helping your body build back stronger after your race or workout.

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