How do I use Ketone-IQ® for Energy and Focus?

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With Ketone-IQ® you’ll feel a wave of clean energy coupled with a sharp sensation of focus and flow.


  1. Use Ketone-IQ® whenever you need to re-energize:
    1. Take a shot daily to kickstart your day, before your work or workout
    2. Take another shot to power through the afternoon slump
  2. Take it with your caffeine or in place of caffeine - up to you!


  1. Ketones > Sugar
    1. Ketones don't contribute to sugar crashes or insulin spikes -- helping you maintain smoother, more stable energy levels throughout the day.
    2. Ketones are 28% more efficient as a fuel than glucose alone (1)
  2. Ketones are brain food
    1. Ketones are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and can act as fuel for the brain, helping you achieve and sustain peak mental acuity.
    2. Even when glucose is available, ketones can contribute up to 80% of the brain's fuel.
    3. Researchers in the ketone science field are closely studying these cognitive benefits and discovering links between elevated ketone levels and memory, concentration, and mental clarity. (2)
    4. In one study, ketones were shown to stabilize brain networks and may protect the aging brain from cognitive decline and conditions like dementia. (3)
  3. Ketone-IQ® is stimulant-free
    If you're looking to cut back, Ketone-IQ® can provide stimulant-free energy to power your brain and body.
    But caffeine + ketones are synergistic too -- coffee (and other stimulants, nootropics, adaptogens, + mushrooms) can increase the brain’s activity and energy needs. Ketone-IQ® helps fuel that demand - so they feel great taken together.

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