How do I use Ketone-IQ™ for Athletic Performance and Endurance?

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Adding Ketone-IQ™ into your favorite pre- and during-workout regimen allows you to give your body more efficient, readily-utilizable energy versus carbs alone.


  1. Add Ketone-IQ™ on top of your favorite pre- and during-race nutrition protocol
  2. Use it in training and on race day.
  3. Take 30-60min before your effort.
  4. How much?
    1. Simple answer: Take 1-3 shots of Ketone-IQ™ on top of your existing nutrition protocol. Re-up every 1-2 hours.
    2. Tracking your macro intake more precisely?
      Take about 3:1 grams of carbs:ketone
      This means 1 shot of Ketone-IQ™ (10g ketones) for every 30g carbs, like each Gu or Maurten Pack.
      Here's our explainer video on this!
    3. Low-carb athletes: reduce/eliminate the carb component.
      Take 1-3 shots of Ketone-IQ™ on top of your existing low-carb protocol. Re-up every 1-2 hours.


  1. More fuel for more pathways = more usable energy
    Simply put, you can pack more usable energy into your body using Ketone-IQ™ than you would only utilizing carbohydrates.
    Everyone is familiar with consuming a myriad of carbohydrate sources to saturate different pathways - glucose, fructose, fast release products like Gu, slow release products like Maurten, etc. Exceed your body’s absorption capacity, and you experience ill effects, like GI distress. But Ketone-IQ™ digests and metabolizes in a completely non-competitive pathway to carbs.
    One study found that athletes saw a 2% increase in endurance after consuming ketones on top of their standard carb-containing race fuel (2).
  2. Ketones are efficient and stimulant-free
    Ketones are 28% more efficient as a fuel than glucose alone (1) and don't contribute to sugar crashes or insulin spikes—enabling athletes to sustain peak mental clarity during competitions.
  3. Ketones are glycogen-sparing
    Bash the bonk! Your body uses ketones as a preferred fuel source, meaning your precious glycogen stores deplete less quickly.
  4. More power with less oxygen
    As a fuel source, ketones produce more power with less oxygen than carbohydrates. This can be especially helpful for efforts in low-oxygen environments, like at altitude.

What if I want to customize my dosing further?
Try it out! Let us know what works for you.

Other common customized protocols include:

The Pre-Load
2:1 carbs:ketone to load, and 4:1 carbs:ketone re-ups throughout your effort

The Mathematician
0.3-0.5g ketone per kg body weight (every 90-120 minutes)

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