Domestic Shipping

Where do we ship?

All H.V.M.N. products ship exclusively within the United States. 

For shipping to international countries, please visit: International Shipping

How much does it cost?

Shipping is included for domestic orders over $50. 

For all other orders, shipping will automatically calculate for you at checkout!

How long does it take & what are your options?

Your delivery date will depend on a few factors, like what day and time your order is placed, where you're having your order shipped to, and which shipping option you select.

Currently, we offer the following shipping options at checkout: 

  • Standard Shipping (3-5 business days)
  • 3-Day Shipping 
  • 2-Day Shipping
  • Overnight Shipping

Please be advised: 

  • Overnight & 2-Day orders placed after 12:00pm PST will ship the following business day.
  • Overnight & 2-Day orders that ship on Friday will arrive the following Monday or Tuesday, respectively. 

*International shipping options are not available at this time. 

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