What are the differences between the 12oz Multiserve Bottle and the 2oz Travel Bottle?

Updated by Geraldine Parcon

  1. The formula is more concentrated in the 12oz Multiserve Bottle.

The shots have a 10g ketone dose in 2oz of fluid, as compared to the big bottle, which has 10g ketones in 1.2oz of fluid. It’s so that we could have an even 10 doses in the 12oz bottle.

We explored making a larger bottle so that the shot and multiserve could have the same serving size (i.e. 10 2oz servings = 20oz), but 20oz is a bit too big for people, we found.

  1. The 12oz Multiserve Bottle has added Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Benzoate.

This is to maintain freshness, and these contribute some to the flavor.

As it’s a multi-serving bottle, we have to control for what happens after it opens this way. Imagine if someone takes a swig straight from the bottle, leaves it in their gym bag in their hot car, etc. It’s our job to make sure the product is safe to drink despite what people may subject it to (within reason).

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