Can children drink Ketone-IQ®?

Updated by Chrissy Rojas

All humans are able to produce and metabolize ketones, and ketone metabolism is natural for all ages. In fact, healthy newborns drinking fat-rich breastmilk have elevated ketone levels!

We see no reason why children should not be able to take an appropriate dose of Ketone-IQ® while under the supervision of their parents, doctors, nutritionists, and/or coaches.

We encourage you to ask a health professional before changing your or your family’s diets. With children 12 and under, a health professional should always be consulted.

Every serving of Ketone-IQ® contains 10 grams of ketones. For children, we recommend adjusting the dosing accordingly.

If taking Ketone-IQ® is a strategy desired and approved by the child’s parents, health professionals, nutritionists, and coaches (when applicable), we’d recommend starting with the following approximate dose adjustments:



50 lbs

1/3 serving

75 lbs

1/2 serving

100 lbs

2/3 serving

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